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1957 Mercury Kiekhaefer

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by johntom13, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. Does anyone know of someone that can work on a 1957 Mercury Kiekhaefer Mark 10 HP outboard? It was running 2 years ago and I can't seem to get it going now.Thanks, John
  2. Pm me I know just the man for that motor he also has my mark 20 sitting on the rack. Mine is also a 1957 but probably has less than 50 hrs on it.

  3. I'm not to concerned with losing a little power which seems to be a concern with a lot of folks when rebuilding these older motors. I just need to get it running again for the smaller lakes and some near shore Erie fishing.
    I can't pm yet. Can you pm me?
  5. have you made any atemp to repair it checked spark ,fuel ? i dont own a 10 but i have rebuilt a 52 mark 20 H conversion race so i have been down the road my H looks great runs great and will never see any water outher than a tank as long as i own it good luck with yours if i can help you with pointers iwill