"1947 Ohio Walleye Secret"

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  1. Does anybody know if this is a scam or is this guy for real? Is this a green light that u drop overboard to attract fish? :confused:
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    I think it's a scam, I've seen sites with that product re-worded for everything from Catfish to crappie. Until shown otherwise I would write it off as a scam. You can google it and see they have a site for all species, some people will say underwater lights help with certain fish, but just like all techniques and baits it's situational. I wouldn't buy the "secret" they are trying to sell you.

  3. in the 40's and 50's they were Lake Erie Pickerel..the trick we used in the 50's was drag a worm harness..also we would hang a Coleman lantern off each corner of the transom.the light would attract minnows and we would catch perch and Lake Erie Pickerel all night long..If you had a 18 foot boat you had a big boat,a lot of 16 footers on the lake in those days ,,no one had much money in those days
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    I signed up for the free "secret", and I get about 2 emails a day wanting me to buy stuff.

    When a site asks for your email...usually that means your the taget for spam.

    I have one email for "JUNK" like this and another for legit mailing.