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We picked up a 2004 1860 g3 DLX center console in Mobile, AL in mid Feb. Work started right away, and she just had her first trip.

The boat had a small factory deck that needed removed first:
Property Room Table Furniture Pool
Automotive exterior Vehicle Jon boat Auto part Dinghy

Some bracing up front:

Table Automotive exterior Glass Metal Wing
Floor Automotive exterior Steel Metal Composite material
Pipe Floor Metal

Bracing for the deck. We decided to close up the back side with a hatch to storage and ballasts etc. We also did bracing for the ballasts, converters, power strips, etc to mount to:

Table Machine Metal Steel Floor

Deck metal on:

Vehicle Skiff Boat Machine Metal
Room Floor Furniture Plywood Metal

We went with fully removable enclosed rails. We opted to bend the metal on a break rather than welding:

Table Metal Floor Steel Furniture

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Some more light rail pics:

Vehicle Naval architecture Boat
Product Machine Table Glass Steel

Deck all finished and roughed up ready for hydroturf:

Sink Kitchen sink Metal
Aluminium Machine Steel Glass Metal

The ballasts mounted up under the deck nicely:
Automotive exterior Floor Machine Bumper Auto part

The lights are welded in on mounts. Each side goes 400-150-400-150, all HPS. Big ones in the front are from Show Me Bowfishing Customs, and the smaller 400s are from ******* Airboats:

Water transportation Boat Vehicle Speedboat Watercraft
Vehicle Automotive exterior Bumper Boat Machine

Some paint for the ugly orange trailer:
Vehicle Automotive exterior Boat Bumper Watercraft

And last but not least, hull paint. We removed the factory decals and lightly sanded the factory paint. Went with 4 coats of Duralux marine paint, sprayed on the sides and rolled on the transom. It went on light but darkened quite a bit as you can see between the first and second pics:
Vehicle Water transportation Boat Bass boat Speedboat
Water transportation Vehicle Boat Maritime museum Naval architecture

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We went with slip proof EVA antifatigue flooring in the front. It was originally just to hold us over until we could get hydroturf, but it worked amazingly well this past weekend so it may stay for awhile. All seats were either replaced or reupholstered and we added some electronics such as depth finder/GPS unit. Its powered by a 90 hp Yamaha in the back and a Minn Kota Maxxum 80lb troller up front with 2 Iota converters. Hydraulic jackplate, hydraulic trim tabs, power tilt and trim, 2 bilges- one auto and one manuals, Perko switch, and lots of other fun toys.

But now to the good stuff.. we had it out for its first trip this past weekend for the Lake Erie Fun Shoot. Stayed relatively close the first night, and shot the islands the next two nights. Unfortunately, strange weather and such kept us from staying out on the islands too long. It fishes great, runs well, and handled the waves on the main lake like a champ. Here's a few pics from the trip:

Headin out on the main lake to run to West Harbor for some day shooting in the first pic and Kelly's at dusk in the second

Water transportation Vehicle Boat Boating Deck

Sky Water Horizon Sea Ocean

Some of our good'ns from the weekend:

Fish Fish Fishing Catfish Noodling
Fish Recreation Fishing Fish
Fish Fishing Fish Recreation Fisherman

We didn't take too many pics of all the fish but this is about halfway thru Saturday night:
Fish Fish Carp Perch Seafood

All in all it was an awesome trip and I couldnt be happier with the boat. HUGE thanks to my man Brent for help with the deck work. Ended the weekend with two 50+ fish trips, so not too shabby of shooting either!

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Brent does awesome work. Hopefully he can get the mother ship 2.0 completed soon. Have you got him out on your new custom rig that he pimped out for you? I'm sure that he could make a few recommendations to fine tune your boat. There are always little things that need tweeking after the main build.
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