180 lber at Mosquito

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  1. Went to Mosquito this evening by myself to try out the new line counting reels and trolling rods as the big lake was not friendly to little Tuna Cans. Trolled for not even 5 minutes, snagged, broke off and went to get new harness set and hooked up with this one. Sent a pic message to a buddy and he said I should throw it back! What's the limit on morons, anyway?!?

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  2. ouch... and they said there smaller in skeeter hope ya got that one out

  3. looks like a fish ohio
  4. Wannabitawerm

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    Don't worry, we taste like chicken!
  5. Ouch! How did the removal go? Did you get it on video?
  6. I've done that. Mine had a 34 inch, pissed off Northern attached to the other end of the lure.

    Its gets your attention, doesn't it?:D
  7. For my Son

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    Chicken tasting or not I never take more than I can eat. :p
    Not much fight in that one was there? I bet that one gave up immediatly after you hooked it?
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    In the words of Homer Simpson......DU'OH!!

    That's gotta hurt!
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    Don't want to start bashing folks for there catches BUT this one.........Sounds like a fish story to me .There is NO WAY it went 180lbs. Looks more like 165 to me :) And thats if you got it to the scales quick . OUCH !!!!
  10. rattletraprex can testify to that one..:p .where do you think his screen name came from!!!;)
  11. Reminds me of the time I caught my sister in the chin.I heard that if you leave that in it will rust away and fall out on it's own!
  12. Been There Done That But Mine Was In The Knee (less Painfull),,, But Yours,,, Ouch! Did They Push It Through And Snip Off The Barb?
  13. Whaler

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    Did you get it out yourself ?
  14. oh i had a great one of those with a gar attached to the other side of an original rapala, amazing after about 4 hours in the emergency room waiting room the pain really goes away. hope ya had an easy time getting it out, those barbs can be tough
  15. :( ...Tuna Can... I know how you felt....I had a 22 in. walleye on the other end...With his slashing around the hook went in and out the other side past the barb...cut the barb off and I almost passed out just backing the hook out...I feel for you ...don't get it infected...Good Luck
    :C ....Good Fishing Guys....:C
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    Nice hookset on that one,,,,,,lmao.Dont feel bad i got it pretty bad last fall during the nightbite in Cleveland and then my dog walked by me while the treble was still inbedded in my finger and it got him in the nose!Took care of my problem when he ripped it out of my finger but then we had to take the dog to the Vet at midnight,,,,,,FUN TRIP let me tell ya.
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    you ot to try that down here in fl. wen your 20 m. off shor and you get salt water in it yow lol.
  18. The thought crossed my mind, messed around with it and didn't have the "You know whats" to do it myself!!

    That rapala one looks nasty!!!!! Yep pushed the barb through and cut it off. I was hit at Lake West E.R. It's not uncommon, but I know plenty of people there as I'm in and out there alot at work.
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    Yeah, but they make one heck of a mess when you gut'em :)
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