16in. Mogadore Crappie

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Loomis-Eyed, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Loomis-Eyed

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    Well the dishes weren't stacked high enough to justify washing, the grass wasn't long enough to cut, and the girlfriend had class all night. So I figured I would head over to Mogadore for the evening. Only caught 2 fish one of wich was this guy. Honestly the biggest fish I've caught at that lake.


  2. that thing is a giant lol

  3. nice fish! I have lived next to mogadore my whole life and usually fished the pads off of palm rd. Have not done it in years.

  4. So how did she taste??? Let's see her all fried up! hahaha!
  5. Wow.....awesome! That mouth would give a LM a run for it's money!
  6. stormfront

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    loom, that is one beautiful fish.....congrats.
  7. Ruminator

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    Beautiful fish Loomis! :B

  8. mirrocraft mike

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    And I've been thinking about hunting....VERY NICE SLAB Congrats
  9. nice fish. is dave grohl your twin?
  10. Very nice. Haven't seen one that big on here in quite a while.
  11. Loomis-Eyed

    Loomis-Eyed Rooster slayer

    Thanks alot everyone for all the good cheer!! I did clean her and put her in the freezer. Think I might have a nice crappie supper for dinner tomorrow once I climb out of the tree stand. So does any one out there no of a good taxidermist who makes reproductions?? This is the biggest crappie I've caught and was thinking about getting one done. Good luck to eveyone thats hitting the woods tomorrow!!!
  12. There's a guy in Green that does... I'll get a name from Prez... He knows who it is...
  13. That thing looks half bass half crappie.Nice fish.
  14. MuskieJim

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    Magadore has some big slabs, no doubt about it. I've caught some nice 12 and 13 inchers, but that thing is BOSS
  15. mishmosh

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    NICE going. Congrats!
  16. ParmaBass

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    HOLY Crappie! Monster fish for sure!