16 Foot Grunman

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  1. This belongs to a friend but it is in my drive the past 3 years.
    16 Foot Grunman fisherman.
    Trailer is 3 years old with 12 inch tires.
    Beefed up 9.9 to a 15 hp outboard evenrude, 1986 model bought in 1998,
    safety gear and some accesorries.
    $2500.00 firm price.
    This motor runs like a champ and the boat is in excellent shape.
    PM for details and address if you want to see it.
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    is this Grumman a DEEP V??? does it have a floor or is it a basic puke & wash??
    what year is boat?? tiller??

  3. 1987 deep-V,, puke and wash,,, no floor,,, tiller 15 outboard evenrude and some extras like PFD's and safety kits. odds and ends.