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15ft Fiberglass boat

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by oufisherman, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. I know that I posted this earlier but I still have a 15ft fiberglass V-bottom boat that I'm looking to sell to someone who will actually use it. All it does is sit still and not move. It comes with trailer, lifejackets, 2 seats on floor, windshield and closed front. You can e-mail me or pm for further information. The boat is in Athens Ohio. My e-mail is I would love to see someone use it.
  2. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

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    may want to post a price

  3. I was looking for $400 but may be willing to negotiate to get boat out of my idle hands!
  4. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

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    Pictures of it would help you also.