15-1....best in the NFL

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  1. The best record in the NFL belongs to the Steelers. Only four other teams have ever won 15 games in the regular season (three of the four went on to win the SB). Only one other team has won 14 games in a row. Ben now holds the record for rookie QB wins (13), and has still not lost a game as the starting QB in the NFL. The Steelers also finished with the #1 ranked D in the league. They beat the Bills at home with their playoff hopes on the line Sunday playing their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th string team. This is a special team!

    They only need to win 3 more games!
  2. i think the super bowl will be all penn. teams.

  3. I think the real SuperBowl will be on Jan. 23 when the AFC Championship game is played. I don't see anyone in the NFC that is able to hang with the top dogs of the AFC.

    I'm hoping the Stillers ;) finally get one for the thumb... it's been a long wait.

  4. Chuck P.

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    Yes it has been...Too long.....
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    Now is the time they'd better be palying their best or they may be upset . One loss now and it's all for naut.
  6. To all the steeler fans now commenting on this thread???
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    Hello? Hello?..Kinda quite in Steeltown today?????
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    Still proud here!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Steelers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Few questions for the Browns fans.......

    who is the coach?

    who is the starting QB?

    who is the starting RB?

    Hmmmmm, it's hard to talk up your team when you don't know anything about them.

  9. :D :D :D :D :D
  10. You know what's funny(other than the AFC championship game)? The Patriots are asking those same questions about Pittspunk-who is their coach?,who is their QB? and last but not least,who is their overated,fumble-laden RB? Yeah 15-1 means a whole lot in the regular season-doesn't it? Even the lowly Jets exposed Ben for what he is come playoffs,an average QB,nothing more.Get it through your heads,the Steelers are a power running team,any QB would look good in that type of system(Dilfer and the Ravens).I agree with the one other guy that said,strange how after the Bus(t) fumbled,all the trash talk stopped.
  11. Ben is also a rookie quarter back and it really showed. I belive after he has a couple years under him he will be really good
  12. He could be,but with a defense like the Steelers have,how good does he have to be?
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    charlie fry 2005-2006 rookie of the year! go cardinals!!!!!
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    I still love my boys!!!!!

    Ben and the team played good this year... they choked up the past
    2 games, but they did good getting there, and hopefully next year...

    they will... (as Chris Berman says....) Go... All.. The... WAY!!!!!!! :D
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    sounds like burress wont be back, and bettis will probably retire. which leaves more room for duce to run loose and I think willie mays will fill in for burress nicely.
  16. I won't be too sad to see Burris go. Get somebody who is satisfied to play within the system. Pittsburgh is not a pass happy team and the wide receivers play a less glorious role. But look at Ward, doesn't complain, does the little things, and is their go to reciever.
    I would love to see Bettis come back, but if not, he's had a good run in Pittsburgh. He brought back the power running game.
    Pittsburgh will be back near the top next year. THis year things didn't just work out!
  17. Whaler

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    They remind me of the Cleveland Creampuffs only they are the pittsburgh Chokers. Or, should I say the Chokees?