14 Sept 07 West Branch ...again

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by vc1111, Sep 14, 2007.

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    See "Fired up the airbrush" on the Tackle Making forum for all the gory details and an explanation as to why my face is soaking wet.:D :D :D

    Post #178, on page 18 of that thread.
  2. wow........excellent job boss.

    when the same guys repeatedly boat that kind/size of fish, it becomes crystal clear. luck might get ya one..........but only hours of work and learning gets repeats.

    congrats on some awesome baits and beautiful fish.

  3. mirrocraft mike

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    Dang another one !!!
    How many times can one say congrats to vc1111 in one month?
    Your answer in 15 days. Great read on the catch (fired up the airbrush)
  4. Nice fish Vince!!! This is a great time of the year in NE Ohio. Archery season coming up and Muskies!:B :!
  5. Thanks to all of you. It means a lot to hear kind words from all the people I have come to know and respects as friends and fellow anglers.

    Luredaddy, you are right, it is an exciting time of year. Ohio is a wonderful and beautiful place for anyone who reaches for her treasures in the outdoors.

    I'm truly torn right now. The muskies are stiil being cooperative, but the leaves are changing, the sweet sweet smell of Autumn is beginning to blow through the trees and across the fields and waters and I must turn toward the woods soon and abandon the waters.

    A good friend of mine from western Pennsylvania once said, "We're lucky. We can do anything we want. But you can't do it all."
  6. There aren't any fish in the woods Vince. lol By the way, nice catch. I had to take a couple days off but will hit it hard this week.
  7. Nice Fish! You look familiar vc1111. Think I have met you at the dam ramp a few times. Anyhow congrats on the Ski!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks Mad and Jig.

    Shoot me a pm before you go again, Mac. I have some info you might find helpful.
  9. MadMac has it correct I am certain.

    MadMac........what is the rest of that statement?