14' Lund Pike on Craigslist

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by chuck71, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. I got ahold of that guy and he would not send me pics and said "If you really want the damn boat then you will drive out here at look at it. I ain't got no time for pictures." Needless to say the boat is still for sale

  2. That right there is enough to scare anyone away. :rolleyes: Why would you go tot he bother of listing something and then not try to be accommodating to would-be buyers?:confused:
  3. Technologically challenged? Grinch? Wife made him post it for sale? (laughter) From my experience on craiglist, you get junk mail, the run around, questions, nuisances, etc. so you must be really motivated to sell certain things.

    Some folks just can't comprehend that people actually make buying decisions via 'puter email/posting/pics/descriptions on craiglist or ebay type sites.
  4. I guess maybe he didn't consider that posting it on there would get inquiries from a bigger range than his local classifieds? Most folks are not willing to drive hours to take a look at something unless they feel good about the possibility of buying.
  5. Put a newer 9.9 on it and your at $2200-$2400. An OK deal I'd say. I go thru J-Town (lucky me) 2x a day to work and back. I'd stop and check it out for you guys but I'm already scared of the guy! ;)