14+lb bass caught?

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  1. slf


    Heard that a 14lb plus largemouth was caught in a farm pond near East Canton Ohio yesterday. Anybody else hear of this? I will post if any more info is avalable.
  2. I will throw out that your resource is probably wrong(or thiers), this was probably billy bob the bass fisher who caught a 7lb fish and has thought all his 3lb fish were 5-8lb fish. not to be a downer, this should come with a disclaimer that I am a sceptic. but I my opinion there is such a slim chance of a 14lb bass in ohio it may as well be impossible, but wierder things have happened.

  3. It's defiantly not impossible, but the chances of one that big comin from ohio might be
  4. its hard to belive a 14 lber was caught in ohio...but from an old farm pond i guess maybe anythings possiable
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    well a 14 lb bass is highly unlikely i think it may be obtainable in the right aquatic ecosystem since the state record fish caught in 1976 from a farm pong weighed in at 13lbs 2.08 ounces. but if there was a 14 lber caught it should be in the record books cuz that is a hog from any state.
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    Years ago my brother-in-law talked me into buying digital scales when they first came out. It's amazing how much my fish shrunk after that. His quip after that was if you wanted your '5#' bass to be a 5# bass, don't put it on the scale. LOL
    Mike Hawkins:)
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    Anything is possible in the right conditions.I've personally caught (2) 12 1/2lb bass in NE Ohio.I cannot tell you where I caught them because I live on Lake Rockwell :) .I have a picture hanging in my baitshop of a 10lb 6oz bass one of my customers caught at a gravel pit in North Canton this spring.The fish was already spawned out and would have been an easy 12 1/2-13lber before she dropped her eggs.I'll get a picture up asap just for the guys that think all big fish mentioned without a picture is nothing but a fish story.........Mark
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    I'm posting this pic for Mark in regards to his post above.....

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  9. Does anyone know how the fishing is at Seneca Lake right now. I did real good in the spring fishing for saugeye from shore. In fact two days in a row myself and two of my friends caught our limit of 18.
  10. Lewis


    Lets hear some estimates on this weight.
    I didnt weigh it,but it was 24 1/2 inches long.
  11. I would say roughly 6 lbs.
  12. Perch

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    8 lbs...........
  13. bassmastermjb

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    Lewis, it's hard to tell because your holding the fish with your arm extended which makes it harder to determine it's true girth.She's is one beautiful fish though.I'm gonna guess 7 - 7 1/2lbs................Mark
  14. slf


    I talked to the guy that said he saw this bass. He said you could have put a volleyball in it's mouth and the scale they used was one of those cheap spring loaded kind that only went to 14lbs, and it burried it. He did say the guy was going to take to get officially weighed and measured. Like most of you, I'll believe it when I see it.
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    Lewis....thats a pig!! I too am saying between 7-8lbs. The other poster is holding a simular fish, not a 12 pounder
  16. Lewis...8+ for sure, when the eyeballs look the size of quarters...even with a proper arm extension :p they usually tip or pass 8lbs ;)


    what about this one on the left?, you can even subtract for the disproportionate arm extension and full moon effect with the two other fish to it's side :p :p :p

    Double digit legits in this region are far apart and rarely seen, often heard of though...

  17. I figured to further hijack the 14lb bass thread... what about this one from LaDue...guesses?


  18. OldSchool

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    Great catch Lewis. :B
    I would guess that it was in that 6-7 lb range..

    Here is a calculator from LBF.

    You have the length so the guess work comes with the girth. Eyeballing the picture (using the fish itself as the 24in reference)... not as big around as it is long so maybe 14 inches at a guess. viola you have 7lbs.
  19. ParmaBass

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    I'll say 7.86??
  20. bassmastermjb

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    Smallmouth, my customer had the fish officially weighed the day after it was caught.........10lbs 6oz. Don't know what else I can say.I saw the fish in person and knew it was 10lbs before it was weighed.I would have liked to seen it 3 weeks before when she was full of eggs.Rarely do pictures do a large fish any justice.
    I used to fish some out of the way ponds in Geneva a couple years back. I had a school of bass swim by one day that was just scary.I threw my 10" rubber worm in ahead of the school and the smallest and fastest fish inhaled the worm.Weighed it on the digital scale and it was 9lb 10oz,then released.The other 7-8 fish in the school were considerably larger by many lbs.I'm going to say the 2 largest fish in the school went well over 14lbs.I'm not an idiot nor do I need to give false information or tell fish stories.Just want to let you know what I've witnessed first hand over my many years of fishing. There are bodies of water in NE Ohio that produce massive bass, they're just not open to the public.Mark my words on this one.The next 2 Ohio records for crappie and bass will be caught/broken from Roaming Rock Shores in Astabula.The conditions there are just perfect for breeding huge fish...........Mark