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14' Console with 9.9?

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Urnso, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. Been looking at a few 14' Aluminums with consoles. I notice they all have 25HP on them. Was wondering if you can fit a 9.9 on there in it's place for use Pyma and Leesville. I want the smaller boat for my towing capacity is limited.

    We went to Mosquito last Sat and rented their 14' with 8HP and it scooted around just fine for my liking. I just want the console and nice seats if I'm going to be out on the water all day. I spent 3.5 hours on that bench seat with a little pad and my back was killing me. :mad:

    Also would it be beneficial to just get one with a 9.9 and have it "worked over" to a 15HP and skip out on swapping the 25HP all the time?

    If you're interested 3.5 hours = :S Except for that big on that got away :p
  2. Most places will swap out the 25hp for a 9.9, Probably not going to be happy about it cause they lose a little money, but if the place wants your business they will do whatever it takes.

    Good Luck

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  4. Whats the largest boat you have seen with a 9.9 on it?
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    prolly 18 , but mostly 16. don't worry about the motor swap if you buy it new.
  6. Well another problem I'm faced with now are the amount of lakes near me that are electric only. I want to get a bigger boat but then I am limited to what lakes I can go out on. Here's what I was thinking about for an all around boat:

    14' Polar Kraft tiller setup with a 9.9 4-stroke - This gets me out on almost any restricted HP lake in Ohio.

    Invest in a quality electric motor for Ladue and Hodgson, Punderson Etc.

    The question I come to now is how do you know how much juice (battery power) to take with and what are your suggestions for motors? I belive the boat will only come with a 12v hookup but I believe it would be easy to swap to 24?

    I have been studyin' so many boats and there are so many options! Starting to get a little aggrevated to find a boat to fit that every lake imaginable situation!!
  7. The larger the trolling motor is the less juice it will consume. They will run much longer on the low speed settings than high. Regardless of whether you go with a 12 volt or 24 volt you can still use two batteries provided that your boat will give you room for it. If you are running 12 volt you will hook them up in parrallel and 24 volt in series.

    I hope this helps.
  8. The trouble with the console model is that the motor is hooked up to the controls more permanently - making motor removal for electric only lakes (with gas motors prohibited) a real hassle. A tiller model would allow you to remove motor more easily and give you more room and weight capacity in the small boat (console sucks up floor space and pounds). Buy a more comfortable padded seat for the tiller model if you can live with your position in the back. I've seen 16-18 foot boats with 9.9's. A 9.9 will bring any 14.5' boat on plane and move well. A 25 on a 14.5 would probably get you at least 30 mph if you're a hurried bass tournament fisherman at expense of staying off 10 hp limited lakes.

    I have a 16' deep V with side console (and 40hp) and pay the price of the console in lost floor space and another obstacle when more than 2 people are casting. However, facing forward with steering wheel was part of my dream.

    good luck choosing; hope my yack helps
  9. Yeah, I think I've decided on the NON console now for the reason of removing the motor. Plus a 14 footer with a console will get cramped real quick like you say. Being in the back is not a problem for me. I troll more than anything so having a few lines out and driving will not be a problem. Now I just need to make sure I can get a decent electric system on there that will give me many hours of fishing and not be stranded on the water.
  10. Finally decided on the boat

    Polar Craft 06' V150 Tiller

    15' boat dry weight like 650-700#

    Motor weight another 100#

    Here's my New questions? :D

    I will most likely have a single battery 12v system on the bow. That's what comes with the package deal. :D

    Now for electric lakes can you guys give me any suggestions??

    Should I just go all out on a 36v or would 24v be enough.

    If I go night fishing how would I run my navigational lights off a 24v system??? Would I need to have another separate battery for Nav and courtesy lighting??

    ok.... 1 battery- 12v Bow, 2 Batteries- 24v Stern, 1 battery - 12v for Nav and other electrical stuff.... Oh my that's like oh an extra FAT body in battery weight.

    I was going with about an 80# 24v system.... unless any of you can talk me out of it.

    Boat should be in stock come Jan. I can't wait!!!

    I will conquer Ladue's bass if it kills me tryin'!!!!! :)
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    Thank goodness. I wshed I had seen this before.

    A few yearsa go we bought a Bass Tracker Pro Guide 14 footer. It came w/ a 25HP, but we were charged the labor of switchng toa 9.9. EVERY place we went charged for this. I dont like the boat much. It is way too cramped w/ the console. I am veyr glad to see that you went a different route.
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    On electric only lakes you can remove the PROP off the gas motor and be legal...same goes for HP restriced lakes....i know many that have a big motor and a 9.9 HP kicker.....they just take the prop off the big one and thier legal.
    Contact the ODNR for full details of whats truely legal and illegal, so you can make your choices much better to suit you.

    Good look on finding the boat you want...i personally would go with the console too...but im after a 14'-16' cernter console, alum. boat myself.