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13th annual steelhead expo

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by buckeye6, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. presented by lake county metroparks,and ohio central basin steelheaders. sept15th from 9am-4pm. experts in all forms of steelheading. spey,fly,centerpins,to name a few. odnr will be there giving an update on the upcoming season,and to answer questions. food raffles,local tackle shops. its at penitenitiary glens nature center.cost is $6 a person or $12 for a family. check out the flyer at as i find out more info,i will post.
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    Where's penitentiary glens ?

  3. I got all excited about the expo until I saw the date. I will be down in Zoar for a Civil War Re-enactment. Too late for me to back out of the event because I am a company commander. Stinkin luck of mine!

  4. 8668 kirtland chardon rd. kirtland ohio
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  7. I can't wait! Thanks for posting the info.
  8. true that :)
  9. i be there looking to meet fellow ogfers.its really good,and they have some great raffles
  10. its getting close.a week from saturday
  11. 930-10am updated on the steelhead fishery 10-1130 .the mystery of steelheading(methods,tools and tips. 1230-130 river basics reading water under varying conditions. 2-3pm advanced methods of fly fishing,the best steelhead flys. 315-4pm raffle...... donated from local tackle shops,and manufacturers
  12. sept 27th,2007 monthly meeting will be at the firehouse resturant in wickcliff. wael dardir will make a presentation about a recent trip to the pacific northwest,also kevin kayle of the odnr will give an update on the steelhead program, and any questions. its free to attend and check out the club. ohio central basin steelheaders
  13. Damn, Thats 70 miles away. A hour and fifteen minutes. Is it worth the drive? Meaning, Will a new guy and 12 year old learn allot? Is it allot of hands on teaching? If it is we will be there also. Got to learn some tricks and trades to fill the new smoker!!
  14. hmmmmmmmmm. wounder wounder wounder. guess the thread died already.
  15. I was wondering the same thing. Is this worth spending my whole Saturday at?
  16. its not bad some outfitters, there are some good seminars..and alotta nice does bring back the fever!
  17. i think its real good,but im hooked on learning as much as possible on steelies. real good seminars,all different ways to fish steelies,great raffles. it will make you a better steelheader.
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    steelheadBob Robs Guide Service

    Hey Joel, if your going to go up there, let me know, ill be hanging around up there all day.
  19. Ok My boy and I are going also.
  20. Well hope to see/meet some of you guys tomorrow.