12v vs 24v ... transom vs. bow

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  1. Ive got a question about trolling motors. Im fairly new when it comes to boating so be easy =).

    Just wondering what everyone's opinions are on a 12v trolling vs a 24v? 24 last longer? If I get a 24v do I need a specific battery to run it?

    Also which is more preferred for you guys? Bow mounting or transom?

    Im looking to buy a new one and have come to the realization that I have no idea what is what. I have an old motor guide on my boat now and it struggles to move it.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I dont know much about the battery issue but I do know the larger # thrust motors only come in 24v. I've heard of people using two 12v batteries to make 24v, but again, I don't know much beyond that. Not sure what the price difference is, but I assume more volts = more $$. I could be wrong though.

    The bow vs transom is something I asked last year myself. The responses were helpful, but really everyone seemed to indicate it was up to personal preference.

    Bow- better control, especially in windy conditions. Normally have a foot pedal or wireless controls, allowing you to fish and control the boat at the same time. Bow mount motors are usually more expensive though than their same #thrust in the transom

    Transom- not as good control, especially when windy. Less expensive.

    I personally have a transom mount, but I use it as my primary motor on a 16ft aluminum and like to fish from the back seat. $$ was also an issue for me when it came time to purchase.

    Sorry I don't have more for you, but hopefully it helps get you in the right direction.


  3. Thanks for the response. I see you have the same size boat as me as far as length. How many lbs thrust you using for your boat?
  4. I use a Minn Kota Endura 55lb thrust. Not very fast, but it moves the boat well. Someone here posted a simple formula to figure out what size motor to get, but I forget what it was. I do know that 55lb was slightly above what I calculated.

    I paid $250 last year for it at Bass Pro.