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12ga VS. 20ga

Discussion in 'Guns and Ammo' started by PoleSnatcher, Dec 1, 2004.

  1. 12ga.

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  2. 20ga.

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  1. What guage shotgun does everyone use for deer hunting and why.

    Also is there a real benieft to using a riffled barrel and sabots over a smooth bore and riffled slugs?

    thanks for you opinions
  2. I used my 20ga. this year, it is alot lighter then my 12 with a 30" barrel. Debating on buying a riffled barrel for my 870 or maybe a new 12ga.

  3. worminator

    worminator I'll be bach

    12 ga. for me. 870 smooth barrel 26 inch modified. shoots slugs like a rifle.
    I like the way they drop when that ounce of lead hits home. I hit one with a 20 ga. last year and it didn't reach out and knock him down like the 12 would.
  4. worninator has it dead on. If shot properly, a 12ga. will put a deer down every time. A 20ga while great for birds and rabbits, just doesn't have the power of a 12ga. Due to the extra power the deer can be further away and still be droped.
  5. paco


    i have used a 20ga all my life . as for knock down power almost all my deer have dropped as soon as they are hit . i think a well placed shot with most any shotgun will drop a deer on the spot . my grandpa always said shot them in the neck if you don't want to chase them and that is what i do . i used to use a old 870 wingmaster with lead slugs but anything after 75 yards was iffy really seem to lose the pattern . a few years ago i got a 1100 w/ a riffled barrel and copper sabots . the gun is great i have the same pattern at 100 yards as i do at 50 yards . the scope i have on it is a burris speeddot witch is more like a sight than a scope .
  6. ncraft150

    ncraft150 Buckeye-Basser

    As far as knock down power it just depends on how good a shot you are. I use a 12 gauge 870 express magnum with fully riffled barrel. The farthest shot I've taken was at 85 yards and the doe dropped instantly.
  7. To each his own but logic goes with the 12ga not taking away from those who use a 20ga just stating a fact...
    Each will do the job under conditions suitable for the caliber and under conditions tempered by shooting the caliber at ranges that they are capable of attaining...
    My rifled slug bolt action will shoot out to 150 yards from a bench with a sight vice but I'm only able to shoot 125 yards with a stable rest while hunting...
    My farthest shot has been 183 steps harvesting a doe that was running with a double lung shot. I'd like to say that was a great shot but will admit it was stupid and lucky... I was young and careless back then and have much more respect for the game I hunt now to ever take that kind of shot again...
    If you don't like the kick of a 12ga, even with ported barrels, go with a 20ga and know its limits in the field and the ranges you can shoot with confidence and accuracy...