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12'flat bottom or sem v

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by JOE W, Dec 14, 2004.

  1. Looking for some input on this subject! Ive had a 14' semi which i thought was a bit unstable! so I think I want a flat bottom to go on the cuyahoga river mostly ! what are the pro's and cons of them both! thanks!!!!!
  2. What was the beam on your 14'? I have a 12' semi v and it's somewhat unstable, it is fairly narrow. I am looking to getting a wide 14'. I think the beam is pretty important in terms of stability.

  3. rockbass

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    I have a 12 ft semi and it is fine on the river down here. I don't know what kind of water you are fishing though (meaning how rough the water is and all that. I have been in some decent current and had no problem. We also take my uncles 12 ft flatbottom down the river and really have no problems with the riffle and what not. unless we are not paying attention. I am not exactly sure on what the actual measurements are on my boat though. Also on my semi-v I have only been in the river on my own with no probs. Add someone and hard to tell! I always stand up to move the front of the boat and don't have to hold on even when stepping over the bench seat.
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    steelhead1 had a 14 foot flat bottom lowe (i think) it was a great boat only drafted 4 or 5 in of water loaded with 2 guys and gear very stable you could stand on the edge of the bottom of the boat and it would not tip he got it at springfield marinia in portage county great for inland lakes ...............jim
  5. Joe- I fish out of an old 12 ft flat and loaded it down with a 101 up front a 65 in the rear, 4 - 31 batts, and a front deck from 1" plywood - I have fished many lakes of a variety of sizes without much problem. I added much marine foam before the deck though.

    A flatbottom in my opinion would be best for river systems- it allows you to go into skinnier water - a semiv would definately be more stable though.

    Check out some of the pics on the website - in the foreground you will see some pretty innovative ideas the lado guys have come up with.

    Enjoy- Nip
  6. Hi. So I am looking at spending about 1500 to 2000 on a used fishing boat. i have been scouring Craiglists, BoatTrader and eBay and have settled in on what kind of boat that money will buy me:

    12ft-17ft in length w/ trailer
    5hp-9hp motor
    1-2 trolling motors
    at least two swivel seats
    misc assecories

    I actually have settled in on 2 decent little rigs but one is a flatbottom and one is a v-hull. I intend on using whatever boat I get on lakes like East Fork, Acton, Rush Run, Ceasers Creek, all in that range. I have two main questions.

    1. Which would be better for those lakes in hull style?
    2. I have little boating knowledge, is this a good place to start in terms of boat style, equipment, and lake size?

    Thanks for any kind advice!
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    your best bet would be a jon in size 14 x 48 like a tracker 1448 . the wider the beam the more stable it will be. the flat wide jon will rock less than a V hull but a flat jon will not cut waves of bigger water.
  8. Give me a call to discuss.