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120GB internal ide hard drive $39

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by pacosraiders, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. Microcenter has Western Digital 120GB IDE hard drives on sale for $39.00. Price is 99.00 and with 2 $30 dollar rebates comes to $39. Great drive if you're looking for a backup for your system. Just go to and get the hard drive enclosure for $24 and you have an external hard usb hard drive.
  2. You are right. You will have a real hard time beating that deal. I have never dealt with Microcenter so I don't know how well their rebate programs are. However, I went through a similar type rebate with Staples once and I had to follow up and call what seemed like a couple dozen phone numbers until I finally got someone who could help check the status of my rebates. I finally received the rebates less than a week after those phone calls but that was a few weeks later than the rebate form said. So if anyone goes for this deal, keep after them on the rebate.

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