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OK blew a cylinder on a 110 Evinrude and bought a boat with a 120 Evinrude to switch over. First off I can't read the serial number or model number last three are corroded. Model number is E120X???, serial number is G0261105. How do I determine what year it is? Compression is good 130-140 on all four, good spark on all four, won't start due to fuel. Spray some gas in carbs it fires right up. Switched motors and have a couple wires to spare as well as the 120 has what looks like a vacuum line and the 110 didn't. What manual do I need for this so I can figure it out? Anyone in the Port Clinton/Oak Harbor area with more knowledge than me willing to help me finish the install and fuel issue for a reasonable price?


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Just off the top of my head, did the old engine have tilt/trim? If the old one didn't, but the new one does, that could be your extra wires. They could also be for warning lights.

The vacuum line sounds like it might be for a water pressure gauge. If you don't have a gauge on your dash, the line could be capped off with no ill effects.

I suggest you check out the iboats forums:

Good luck!

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According to BRP, that model prefix is 1985 through 1994 120 hp with electric trim. If you can make out the rest of the numbers, you can narrow it down per the chart below. E stands for evinrude.
Model Number Year
120TLCO / 120TXCO 1985
120TLCD / 120TXCD 1986
120TLCU / 120TXCU 1987
120TLCC / 120TXCC 1988
120TLAE 1989
120TLCE / 120TXCE 1989
120TLAS 1990
120TLES / 120TXES 1990
120TLAI 1991
120TLEI / 120TXEI 1991
120TLAN 1992
120TLEN / 120TXEN 1992
120TLAT / 120TXAT 1993
120TLET / 120TXET 1993
120TLAR 1994
120TLER / 120TXAR 1994
120TXER 1994

Those motors should have 4 carburators and what you describe sounds like stuck float needles. Hard to imagine all four being stuck, but I guess it's possible if the motor sat for a while. If you are getting fuel to one or more carbs, it should pop off eventually but not run. Are you sure you have the fuel bulb pumped up hard before you try to start? I don't think the fuel pump will interchange, the 110 is a completley different motor.

X2 on the iboats forum, lot of good information there if you do a search. You want the factory sevice manual, you might find it on ebay or google Ken Cook, he will have the reproduction manual. Good luck.
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