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  1. I am giving deer hunting a shot this year (no luck with the crossbow yet) and was wondering what everyone's thoughts/opinions were on gauges. I have a Rem 1100 that I have strictly used for upland hunting for years. When I started looking a slug barrels I was surprised how much they were - it got me thinking if I should just go with a new 20 gauge. does anyone know if they are more or less accurate...how do they compare as far as the "effective range" goes. thanks for the input
  2. Either one is fine for Ohio whitetails. However, I'm certain you can find a slug barrel for your 1100 for less than you'll spend on a new quality 20 guage. I paid $100 for mine from a gun shop. It was used, but you couldn't tell. I'd shop around before buying a new gun, unless you just want a new gun. :D

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    I also would think that you oughta be able to find a decent priced slug barrel if you look around. If you do get a new gun my persoanl opinion is that there is no reason to be shooting a 12 gauge for deer when a 20 gauge works just as well without beating you up as bad.
  4. Using the Hornady sst slugs there is a little diff in speed, about 200 fps slower for the 20. The 12 will drop about 2 inches less at 200yd. IMO there are very very few deer killed with shot gun at distances over 100 yds let alone 200. If your going to sit still and are going to use a scope check out the H&R ultra slug hunter, its a single shot but they are tack drivers. If your gonna walk around, drive deer etc etc, look for a good pump gun with a rifle barrel. Here is a link to show the diff in the two,(20-vs-12) just click on the ballistics link for each round.


    I have a 12 benelli nova with a scope that shoots great, an 1100 rem that shoot AWESOME, but I have about 800 in that gun. But unless we are putting on drives I almost always grab my muzzle loader. There are very few shotguns that have the accuracy of a GOOD muzzle loader. If you want to extend your hunting possibilities you might check into getting a ML instead.

    Good luck in what ever you decide and have fun!

  5. ive killed alot of deer with a 20 ga. and a 12. the 20. isnt gonna kick ya as bad as the 12. but like the others said you can def. find a slug barrel for your 1100 for less than a new gun. like the previous guy said if you got a muzzleloader your gonna be set for muzzle season so i think id do that if your gonna buy a new gun.
  6. thanks for all of the input
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    You really don't need a slug barrel. I've been using a smoothbore and rifled slugs my whole life and kill deer every year. The shells are cheaper and the deer are just as dead.

    My $.02
  8. I would definitley buy a slug barrel for that 1100 you have. I have a 1100 and it shoot great with a slug barrel.

    That is just my opinion, but the other have great advise to offer also.