12' Starcraft jon & Trailer - deck, 8ga wire

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by Nipididdee, Apr 4, 2008.

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    91' (I think) Starcraft 12 foot jon boat. Carpeted deck.

    Pre-wired to bow with manual 50amp breaker- 8ga wire- mount set on bow. Transom is ROCK solid as well is the flooring.

    Trailer is like new with tilt load/unload system with rail mount. Easy 17/8" ball for small vehicles. Easy to handle with one man and fits in most ANY garage.

    Seat pedestal mount with pole.

    Smells like bass.

    Boat is READY to rock this season. Toss some batts- screw down a troll motor- add up to 4-31 series batts (adapted internally in rear seat).

    12' boat requires no title (tax)- annual Ohio registration valid until 2009.

    No trades- no swindle- no nego... $500 to first for all- boat will sell this week I hope a landlocked OGF'er get's it.

    EMAIL ONLY: FBFP2008@aol.com -nip

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    It's going to the road in an hour! Come on OGFers- I responded to two emails?


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    After about 100 emails and 30 calls someone finally managed to realize I wasn't budging :p

    Good deal for all- BOAT IS SOLD!!!