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12' Semi-V for sale

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by Big Daddy, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. 12' Meyers semi-V, no trailer. Just the boat and some oars.

    $175 or best offer.

    I will leave this up for 1 week and the best offer gets the boat.


    Bottomline Fishin' Buddy portable fishfinder. Works great on hard or soft water. New, they're $159 at Cabela's. I'll let mine go for $100 or best offer.

    Again, I'll leave the item up for 1 week and the best offer gets the fish finder.
  2. Rage n' Cajun

    Rage n' Cajun

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    I don't know what a Meyers semi-v looks like could you post a pic and what year model is it? Thanks ahead of time

  3. Hey Carl I just sold a Meyers 12 boat last year and kicked my ass for selling it. Get a Pic if possible and I'll probaly buy it from you, Thanks............ Rich
  4. I will post a pic Sunday.

    I'll be at Nimisila most of the day tomorrow.
  5. Here are the pictures. I haven't washed it, but man, when I flipped it over, lots of memories spilled out. LOL. You see, this was my first boat. OGF member Alwsfishin found it for me. Thanks again Frank.

    The boat knows all the great crappie spots at West Branch, the roadbed at Piedmont, the bass, gills, and crappie at Nimisila, the crappies at Long...LOTS of memories.

    Ahhh, well, here she is.

  6. Hey Carl does that have a plug in the bottom of it ? The one I had didn't . Thanks... Rich
  7. Leading offer right now is $160. I did find the title, and will throw in a seat to the boat as well.

    On the Fishin' Buddy 1200 fish finder, I have the manual that goes with it, plus the batteries in it are still good. Been offered $100 for it, but it's "best offer" as well.

    Bidding on both ends this Friday at 9PM when I'll contact they buyers.

  8. BUMP back to the top.....
  9. Boat is still here. Those who made offers, check PM's.
  10. Still for sale. My neighbor's buddy never showed up.
  11. atrkyhntr

    atrkyhntr Guest

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    sniff sniff... my best offer never held up LOL
    J/K bud ;) :D
  12. Very funny... :D

    No problem. I've had it this long, I can keep it. If anyone is looking for a good starter boat, or something for electric only lakes, it's well worth the $175.

    Still have the fish finder too.