12 Foot aluminum boat..... cost?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by NorthernComfort, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. Whats a 12 foot aluminum boat go for now a days?

    No trailer, just the boat.
  2. I was up at gander mountain in sheffield and they had 12' ers for 1100-1200 for just the boat and it was a tracker!!



    hard to tell what u want a new or old one?
  4. used......not sure the proper term for the type....

    maybe two or three feet wide.....'v' at the front, flat at the back.
  5. If you are looking at used ones don't pay more than $500 I got mine this summer for $200 it is exactly like you described.
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    i just sold mine with equipment trailer and motor for $500 ...when i was selling it seems like i couldn't give it away as soon as i sold it i had 5 people inquire about it ...i see used ones all the time keep your eyes open and be patient i grantee you will find one by spring...the proper term is semi-v for what you decribed...here are some i found on craigs list couple cost more than i would give but never hurts to offer...
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    2tall, has it right. You should be able to find just a little semi-v for less than $500. You can find ones that are rigged amd on a trailer for $500 to $800 without a problem. Just be patient and watch for those deals.
  8. got mine trailer and all 200 bucks delivered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Ya can't beat the price I paid. I had been looking for awhile, and found one for $50. For awhile, I carried it atop the van, then I found a trailer sitting in a field for $40. I put new lights($18) and tires(@$24 each) and I take it everywhere. I've been offered from $350 up for it but wouldn't even consider it. For the price, I can take it anywhere, and if I bang it up, so what. I believe you should be able to get one, unequipped (no fishfinder, etc) for somewhere between $300 to 500 tops. In fact, one identical to mine (same style you're looking for!) with what looked like a brand new trailer and a mint condition boat was for sale just down the road for $450. I tried to get my buddy to buy it, but he didn't. Good luck and keep looking. Now's the time to pick one up cheap!
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    Now remember, you promised a trip to Kiser lake too. :D
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    There was a small 12 ft john boat sitting chained to a tree on st rt 95 between fredericktown and chesterville i think its still there and he has $250 bucks wrote on it. no trailer just boat and oars