12/6 Thursday Rocky/Elyria

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  1. Just thought I would let you know how I did:

    Just got home, if I would have read this yesterday I would have PM you. I went for the steels with no luck. Right when I got there one guy caught a one between 15"-20". No luck for anyone that I saw there and there were a lot of people. 5-6 at the 2nd ford, 7-9 at the first. The second ford is where the fish was caught. It is clear enough but still kinda muddy, pretty high.

    Went to Cascade after the Rock around 1:00 and fished for an hour. It is really muddy but pretty high. Only one other fisherman showed up when I was leaving.

    Right when I arrived (7 or 8:00) saw 4 decent bucks and a doe under the first bridge. Too bad it wasn't gun season and not a park! :D
  2. zac


    all i got was cold hands today
    and lost a few fish, all on eggs

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    i fished once at burr oak park near ford road and had no luck this was in the summer and i was mostly fishing for bass or gills. does anyone fish this part of the black river for steel??? are there any good spots worth fishing for steel there? thanks for the input!
  4. I hear there are some good spots but don't know exactly where. In general all the rivers/streams off the big pond are excellent this time of year for steelhead (Even ones that are small enought to jump over :p , Even though its like shooting fish in your bath tub)
  5. hey steelinatrout. try going north of the bridge there i found a few deeper holes up there that may harbor some big steel. i have never fished burr oak before but i walk the dog there soemtimes and i am always on the look out for a good spot. maybe one day we can hit that river up and slang some steel pm me if you are game! i would love to try that river, and i would rather fish with ya than against ya seeing is how u like to take out knees...haha