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    fishinbula Its going under

    Got the day off from work today and hit a river out east. Got there a little late about 10 to find the river pretty much empty. So thats what the river is like on a weekday. Got started right at the main hole found some slack water and it was on from there. Landed 6 in a couple hours and lost 4 more. Lost one nice fish because he wanted to go swimming in the rapids at the end of the hole. Biggest fish was a hen that was just about 29 inches with a small belly. The river was just about right a little high but great visability. Rivers should be good for this weekend.

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  2. Hey Ken i will be out there this weekend, and nice job man.

  3. very nice fish congrats, can't wait till friday..
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    corndawg Go Bulldogs!!!

    Nice fish, thanks for the report
  5. been out in euclid creek its crystal clear, but has fish. i'll be on chagrin tomorow morning because its clearing and dropping fast. was there today guys said they had very decent luck in morning hours. however, got there at 11 and got NOTHING:S