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  1. Take the time to watch this, for yourself, for your family.
    It puts things into perspective.

    This man has a few months to live, and he has a message worth listening to.

  2. I got that in my email last week, definately worth watching!!

  3. What a truly touching story. What a great message to give to everyone and to do it in such circumstances gives it even that much more meaning.

    Now for an incredible irony...

    I was in the middle of listening to this and my wife called me and informed me that a friend of ours had just died of a heart attack this morning out of the clear blue. He had no history of heart problems and he did not get a chance to reflect on his life before that day came. That really makes me listen even more to the message in that story.
  4. Good stuff, thanks for posting

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Thanks for posting. Definatley worth spending 11 minutes to watch.

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    Nice video, too bad it was on Oprah. :eek:
  7. it shows something that most people wont have to deal with or go through ...and you are really lucky if you dont, also reminds me of a book i read last year called "tuesdays with morrie"
  8. If anyone has 90 or so minutes you can find the original lecture on the net. it is much more in depth, and I think better.