11/9/04 blew my chance

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by Procraftboats21, Nov 9, 2004.

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    around 5 tonight I heard "crunch crunch crunch" coming from the hillside infront of me, sure enough here comes a doe followed closley by a buck and the buck had his buddy with him which was a spike, kinda odd I thought. but anyway I thought the bucks and doe were going to pass out of range so I gave a few loud grunts with no reaction from the buck but the doe was curious she began moving her head all over trying to find out where it came from finally she walks down the hill about 35 yards from me and right on her tail was the buck. the buck was walking right behind her at 35 yards so I held behind the shoulder and squeezed the trigger. "Thud" boy was I excited when I heard this untill I realized my arrow had struck a sappling infront of the buck. man did I blow a chance at a nice buck when all I had to do was try to stop him.
  2. Now that reminds me of myself ! Not all "thuds" are good ones. But the action has begun. What did that buck do when the arrow struck?

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    ran about 15 yards, stood and looked back then trotted off. hopefully he will run another doe through there, Ive seen him once before in october so I know his core area is close.
  4. I would not bank on seeing him again for a while. It may happen but then again it may not. At point in the game the bucks will start to abandon their core area often times in search of does to breed. He will eventually return and may be there at times throughout but patterning him at this point will be tough. The other bright side to this roaming nature is that it can also bring other big guys in from outside the area as well in search. ;) Maybe you will get a chance at another one that will make you forget him.

    Good luck hunting!
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    patterning a buck this time of year is nearly impossible I know, but like you said you will see bucks you've never seen before cruising for does