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  1. I got this guy Saturday morning. Hes my biggest to date.

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  2. Congrats! That's a hog...

  3. That's a nice one!!!!!!!! where did you shoot it. what county?
  4. Nice buck man! Looks like a Athens county buck?!?
  5. It would be a Coshocton County buck. I have been hunting this same area for years and have had many missed opportunities at wallhangers (i.e. safety harness getting caught on the treestand so I couldnt turn to shoot, a 160 class buck 50yds away watching a basket rack breed a doe right under me, ect). So needless to say I was pumped.
  6. thats a monster brother, love the rack!
  7. Seaturd

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    Very nice buck!
  8. Great buck Oucat! I was wondering if you took that in my area or not (Mount Vernon area) but I see you got it it Coshocton county. Ironically enough I will be hunting Coshocton county as well later this week. I would be more than happy to find something like that awaiting me.;)
  9. Snook

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    Nice buck! I was hunting Coshocton Sat morning also. Do you hunt around Warsaw or Nellie? I passed on a beautiful buck I probably should have shot but I knew that there were bigger deer around. I did see a bigger one Sun morning same tree. I had a perfect shot but knew he would come closer if I waited. He came to 32yds and bedded down! At 8AM! No shot! Text message a few buddies as the deer layed there. Wind switched and out he went with no shot! In my younger days I would have "puked" knowing I had him if I would have shot earlier. I just laughed and said to myself "my luck".
  10. Nice Buck Congrats!!!
  11. Yes I do hunt in the Nellie vicinity. I usually have the same problem, every year I pass up a decent buck, waiting for a new PB, I usually never get another one in range all year. But thats why I bow hunt...
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    Great buck. Congrats
  13. Snook

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    Heading back down to Coshocton Thurs and Fri. Lets hope I don't get too wet. Brother seen a "hog" Tues morning "ALONE" with no doe. I'm hopin he's still on the move without a girlfriend.:)