11/6 Eastwood MetroPark, Sycamore SP and GMR

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  1. I stopped at Fisherman's Quarters for some minnows and nightcrawlers and got a few tips from a couple of gentlemen at the round table. One of which lead me to Eastwood MetroPark. Didn't get there until about noon. Fished with crankbaits and minnows and got :S . But I did snag a really nice small green and yellow bomber crank bait that was worth about $5. Drove over to Sycamore SP and fished the pond nearest to the parking lot. The water was very clear and shallow but I didn't see anything that resembled a fish there. I moved to the larger of the lakes, it is a little hike from the parking area. I fished with rooster tails and crank baits and got :S again. By that time it was late afternoon so I thought I would try the GMR. Boy the GMR is running low and clear in the Franklin/Middletown area. Fished with minnows and nightcrawlers and got a few light bites on the nightcrawlers but got :S again. But I did go places and saw things I had never gone or seen before and I love those adventures.

    Now you might think that all of the :S s would get me down but I am just getting all of the bad luck out of my system here at home so I won't have any bad luck when I fish Miramar, Dixon, Murray, El Captitan and the Pacific Ocean starting 11/15. ;)
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