11-20 GMR West Carrolton

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fisherman5567, Nov 20, 2007.

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    Hit the GMR today from 1-330. First fish hit my pole within one minute of putting it in the water.....ended up being a 3lb channel. Decided to bait all of my poles and then cast them in. Next fish hit about 2mins after i just put it in, and as i was reeling my other pole was gettin slammed, reeled in a 3 and 4 lb double. Missed 2 good hits after those and then landed my final channel again about 3-4 lbs. The first ten minutes of my day was dam exciting. COULD NOT KEEP A POLE IN THE WATER ..............and then it went calm so i left.

    I was fishin with crawdads on the bottom in about 4-6ft of water. slight current.
  2. i live about a mile from there. haven't fished there since the end of summer cause the water at the dam was only 2 feet deep. . i was born and raised in west carrollton. been fishing there all my life. good job