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    had to hit up some smaller water with the major rivers blown... fished a little know tributary of the Grand and we only saw one fish... findiesal saw it first and i came swooping in and caught it:p ... we left there and went to another unstocked tributary... and did pretty well... caught the first fish on a gold spinner i had made the night before and the other two fish came on a silver spirit spoon which i liked until a monster broke me off...we waded out into lake erie it felt like ocean fishing with the waves crashing and my second cast I hooked the monster that broke me off and then it did some acrobatics after words looked to be an easy 10lb fish... With this being about the 5th monster fish i have lost this season alone due to breakoffs I decided to get rid of my 6lb test gamma its great line just too thin in diameter to be tossing into the rivers it just doesn't hold up as well as the 10lb yo-zuri i spooled on right after i got home... not losing anymore fish on break offs...Its funny how its the big ones that you want that tend to break you off:(
    heres a few pics
    good times... but next time i am going to get in that monster...

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    The other fish that was caught: