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11-15 morning

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by catfisherman, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. Went out yest morning and see a small buck chasing 3 does at about 150 yrds out from me and since I was ground hunting I headed over in the direction where I thought came from and set up. After about an hour sitting there, I look up and there is the biggest buck I have seen this yr, Big 10pter. He gets within 40 yrds of where I am sitting, and I go to whistle and nothing comes out (mouth was dry). So my buddy yells hey and the deer just looks back, but doesnt stop, it had its nose to the ground the whole time. So now do I hunt from the same area hoping he will be back or give up on that buck.
  2. I would break out the doe-in-heat bottle.Him or others will come a calling.

  3. I guess I am confused as to why you were whistling at him? :confused: And the yelling at him will surely educate him as to human presence.

    If he is not moving through your shooting range I think your best options are to either wait for the next opportunity or try calling to him with a grunt tube or doe bleat call. You could even try rattling him in. Depending on the area some bucks will be responsive to that as well. Another thing is that his nose to the ground meant that he was moving through the area in search of those does. You may be able to get his interest with some doe-in-heat urine as well.
  4. The reason I tried to whistle at him was to get him to stop so I could shoot. He was within my bow range. But that didnt work. Even after my buddy yelled he didnt seem to care that we was there. He was more interested in the doe he was following.
  5. here is a great idea for your thaqt i have been using for yrs. have you ever heard the doe in heat bleat?---the can by primos is a good one. just practice the bahhhh part of it with your voice. a quick bah, and that deer will stop 99 percent of the time for you. think like a deer buddy....good luck on that biggun...tony