10hp limits vs. idle speed limits

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  1. keeping 10 hp restrictions

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  2. changing to idle speed only restrictions

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  1. which would you prefer on lakes over 500 acres in size?
  2. In a perfect world it would be acceptable to use idle speed......but people won't adhere to that and then it becomes an enforcement problem for the state.

    Here is an example of why I believe that. West Branch is an unlimited HP lake on one end.....and an idle only, no wake on the other end of the lake. The split is the bridge at Rock Springs Rd. Multiple times every year (that I have witnesses) people run thru the "slow end" with total disregard for the rules.

    Enforcement is the problem imo. In addition, guys buy small rigs with 9.9 engines because they like the slower, quieter places and don't want to deal with people "pushing the limit".

    Unless we all put up the cash to increase enforcement, seems best to leave it as is. Just my opinion.

  3. Buckeye1955

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    How is idling back to the ramp at the end of the day of peacefully fishing on the trolling motor "pushing the limit"? Additionally I would guess if money was no object a majority of the guys buying the small rigs would have quite a different rig.... Maybe we should have a poll on that. For the record, I was also told by the DNR Columbus office they are hiring 26 more enforcement personnel and starting them into training shortly. I'd say they will be able to handle the law breakers, maybe even including the guys running 15HP 9.9's.
  4. neocats1

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    It's just like speed limits. No matter what you set them at, lots of people break them. Given the opportunity, how many would violate an idle restriction?
  5. DaleM

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    Guys, lets keep this civil. I don't think this was started as a place to complain. There's been a thread on here for a while on this subject. The decission has been made so no one is going to change anything buy complaining. It's a test period that will be looked at after a season or two. The State held meetings in which they talked about this. Let see how it works then if it's not working we can try to correct it.
    We all know there will be those that break the law. BUT remember there are more honest sportsman than bad ones. Give it a chance guys.
  6. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

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    I have a question... Does this mean guys with the 9.9 will have to idle too... I mean I'm pretty sure they would just confirmation.

    BTW-I think it deserves a test-Just to shut some ppl up.
  7. DaleM

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    Good question. I'll do some checking and try to get an answer.
    I also agree it should at least be given a chance.
  8. Dale....I'm a little confused. What is your "keep this civil" pertaining to? I don't see anything here that is not civil.

    If I am missing something......please let me know. Thanks for your help.
  9. DaleM

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    I thought it was explained well. All I'm saying is don't let it turn into a I like, you don't like thread which we have all seen here. Don't read more into it than is here. Comments are good, and welcomed. No matter what is decided there are going to be those that disagree with the final decission.
    As you said there is nothing here that is not civil and that's the idea, to keep it that way.
  10. To all, a couple of clarifications ....
    1.) Dale, you noted the decision has been made. This is not totally accuate. ODNR has filed the paper work for the change, however, there will be public meetings at the ODNR officies on March 2 to generally discuss this proposal along with all other proposed rule changes. More importantly on March 6 @ 9:00 AM, the official public hearing will be held at the DOW Distirct One office at 1500 Dublin Road in Columbus where interested persons will have the opportunity to give testimony for and against the proposed rules. I believe you can write in comments for this hearing, but I am not positive.

    2.) Regarding the idle speed limit applied to those with 9.9 motors,it does not apply.
  11. DaleM

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    I was just passing along what was told to me by an employee of the ODNR. I would bet a decission has been made though. I would also bet on it being at least tried to see if it will work this season. I don't have a problem with it as long as they ( the sportsman) stay within he law. I'm hoping it works and it show the non believers that changes can work if everyone at least give them a chance.
  12. Dale, I just wanted to provide as accurate information as possible in my response. In my postings I have tried to provide information to everyone that will be affected by this proposed rule change so they can be informed and if they want to, they can comment to ODNR. The way the State of Ohio makes rule changes is very complicated, however it does allow all to provide comment - both for any proposed rule change or against it. As a side note, Ohio Game Fish has provided valuable service to all of us who fish over the years. Being able to disucss this issue is another example of the valuable service you provide.
  13. DaleM

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    Sunfish. I agree with what you said totally. The discussion they will have will at least let those that want to attend a chance to get a better idea of what the changes will mean.
  14. yes, it would most definitely would include 9.9 motors. idle speed or slightly above idle. it would be something like clearfork which is like an 8 or 10 mph speed limit. definitely not on plane.
  15. This is accurate. The rules have not changed for 9.9's
  16. my bad, the current odnr proposal would not effect 9.9's(if that's what we're talking about here). i guess we could be talking about 2 different things here, a complete change to idle speed limit for all motor sizes(everyone idles) or a change on 9.9 hp restricted lakes for motors larger than 9.9 to be idle speed only. also, the rules have not change for anybody yet or will they, if this poll is any indication. looks like it might be 50/50.