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101 36v trolling motor?

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by RUDDER, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. I primarily fish Ladue and currently use a 55 #thrust trolling motor (transom). I recently purcased a 101# thrust 36v.(transom). What do I need to know? Should I install a breaker and are the wallmart 12V DC batteries going to be alright. Looking at getting better batteries eventually(next year). How fast are you getting your boat going? Any info will help. Thanks, TIM
  2. ParmaBass

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    I run a 80lb 24V trolling motor with Everstart batteries with no problem. And I definately have a breaker, those wires can heat up pretty quick. I can get a 16.5' with all the fixings and 2 people up to almost 4mph.

    I usually do alot of running in the tournaments, I have to switch out my batteries on my big motor around 1:00pm to get me back up to speed.

  3. I fished the tourneys a few years back. 2 toddlers put this years series on hold for now. Maybe next year. I do know alot of the guys are running 101's and I know if I want to compete my boat has got to move. Tim
  4. ParmaBass

    ParmaBass Kiss The Converse

    I don't think too many people are running 101's. I know there's a few, but they cost more than most peoples boats out on LaDue. That's close to $1000 if not more if you get good batteries. I'm not too far back in the pack when Rory blows the horn (yells GO GO GO GO).
  5. depending on the wind i'm around 4.5 to 4.8. rudder is that you that i talked to around a month ago at the launch? you were asking about a butt seat and my 101?
  6. Sure was. I purchased the motor, now all I need are the batteries and seat. How did you do in the last tournament. I see the brothers won again w/the 15#pot. I knew from fishing the lake Friday morning that the 15# mark would be broke. I caught 4 fish over 3.5# and 1 5# couple 0f 1.5#. What batteries are you running Lateral? Hope to see ya out there again Take Care, Tim
  7. My buddy got one on his Ranger. He had to add a battery, but that didn't work out. His batteries would be dead after 4 hours of fishing. He had to get 2 more new batteries. Also installed a breaker in the system. His boat is 19' and seems to put out some wake at Nimisila! Good luck!-I didn't know they made a transom mount motor that BIG!
  8. tim i'm running agm's size 31 made by power sonic. lots of guys are running optimas and trojans. agms are the way to go, no water no mess. we can run all the way to auburn and back and still be over 4mph.
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    I ran the big yellow everstarts on our 80lb thrust last year . They did not survive the 100+ times they were taken out . We used to be able to run all day , now it's about 2 hours . They came with an 18 month full replacement , but wal-mart insists that they "test" fine .

    We switched to optimas and so far after 40+ times . They are still running as strong as ever . They charge about twice as fast as well .

    We added the breaker when we installed our 101 . I picked one up at Norton Marine for 5 or 6 bucks .
  10. heyjay

    heyjay Where's the fish ?

    I'm always watching you guys from behind . I'm gonna remember a tow rope next time .;)
  11. I have had a riptide sitting in the garage cuz im confused on the 36 v system,,, my boat is a 19' smokercraft jet and I need a good solid motor for the rivers and such,,
    It too is a 101 36v 52" shaft transom,,,I would like to put it on the bow !

    Any help or guides on the 36v system would be great
  12. What do you connect each battery with? And where can I pick them up?
  13. Just catchn' up with all the 36v talk-

    Everything all is saying is right on track. Do go with the largest (31 series) wet cells if not going for AGM due to price. I dont think Wally world carries 31 anymore- shop around no doubt you can find a deal.

    Once comment though I haven't heard yet is about wiring. Use NO LESS than 8Gauge- 6 preferred- and I have seen several as of late using the huge speaker cables out there(???) they seems to work. You can fry your wires if you go too small. Make sure your breaker is as recommended- 36v=50 amp

  14. My one main question is to wiring,,,any diagrams out there???
  15. Doctor

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    Here is how you do it:
    Connect the red wire from the trolling motor power cable to the positive (+)
    post of battery #1.

    Connect the black wire from the trolling motor power cable to the negative (-)
    post of battery #3.

    Connect a jumper from the negative (-) post of battery #1 to the positive (+)
    post of battery #2.

    Connect a jumper from the negative (-) post of battery #2 to the positive (+)
    post of battery #3.

    Here's a picture:

    This will give you 36 volts of power to the trolling motor.............Doc
  16. Any suggestions on batteries sounds like a lot of opinions ,,, but I do not likwe the wally world brand.