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Decided last minute before bed last night that my son and I were gonna head out and brave the cold and bow hunt amongst the youth gun hunters. We got a late start and didn't make it into our stands until close to 6:50 and it was already plenty light out. I hung a scent wick and doused it with some Tinks and climbed up into the stand.

I wasn't sitting for more than a minute when I saw a bunch of movement in the thick stuff in front of my stand. I couldn't make out what it was but I soon heard the crashing and rattling of bucks fighting. After about a minute or so a small buck appeared from the thick stuff. He was really nervous and wandered off. Again I heard the crashing and antlers rattling in the thick stuff in front of me. After a few minutes a nice mature buck appeared about 50 yards in front of me. He stood there nose bobbing up and down trying to figure out where the doe scent was coming from. He started to walk back away from me and I grunted softly a few times. The buck turned right around like he was on a string and walked right at me, stopping to make a scrape and rub a tree. At 20 yards I let it fly and watched my lighted nock bury behind his front shoulder.

To my surprise he bounded off almost like he wasn't even hit and I watched him for about 50 yards with no sign of a major hit. I sat in the stand trying to replay the whole thing in my mind. Was I mistaken on the hit? Did it hit too low in the chest? After about 15 minutes of agony I decided to sneak down and check the spot he was standing when I shot. I soon realized he was quartering to me more than I had thought. I found my lighted nock that busted off and found a few specks of blood. I decided to back out and give it a good 5 or 6 hours before tracking.

My brother and I took up the trail about 1 pm and to say the blood trail was spotty was an understatement. We were able to find little spots of blood and hair for about 50 yards and then nothing. We circled looking for blood without success. Since I was pretty sure that my arrow went into the chest we weren't gonna give up looking for the deer until we found him. We zig zagged through the thicket about 15 yards apart and we were very lucky to stumble upon him after only about 10 minutes of searching with no blood.

The hit was right where I expected, behind the front shoulder but with the quartering angle the arrow went back through the liver and the intestines and the intestines plugged up the hole. There was basically no blood until the deer fell but our resilience paid off.

This isn't my biggest buck but with the limited time I've had to devote to hunting this year I'm happy to have him.
Time to try to get the boys a buck. Plant Plant community Hat Grass Fawn
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