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  1. Put 10 lb line on my reel and now have a problem with it unraveling off of the spool. Any suggestions?
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    what type of line and also reel??? Was this a spinning reel or a trolling setup?

  3. Trilene line - Mizuno open reel - both trolling and spinning
  4. Could you have put the line on in the wrong direction? The only solution I can think of is to let the line out as far as you can to let some of the twist out.
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    You've got too much line on the spool. Strip off about 30 yards and see how that works.:)
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    Fish pro is correct. Sounds like you have to much line on the reel. You should have a 1/8" of space from the top of your spool to the line. Get a bottle of line tamer,and keep it with you. Rodmakers carries it.
  7. If it is XT,,, 10 lb will do that,,,it may help to take some line off ....if it is XL you have to much line or wound the wrong way
  8. I've been using the new Trilene fluoro, and on my spinning reels, I'll only fill it up 3/4 full. I don't have a problem with 8lb, which is what I'm using most of the time, but reels with 10lb + I'll only fill 3/4.

    If it's XL, you've got something messed up. I cant say I've ever used XT. i stick with XL and for tough line, I go with fluoro.
  9. Ditto on other post, but I also like to use reel magic spray on my spin reels
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    Same here, I starting using reel magic 2 years ago and it did wonders for casting as well as unraveling off the spool. I use XL and it seems to make the line last longer too.