10" grandma bait

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  1. I stumbled across a 10" grandma bait that some unlucky musky fisherman lost at Milton recently. I would like to hear the story behind the broken steel leader if any of you guys lost it. I guy I work with snagged it while walleye trolling and though he had a walleye until it popped up. If anyone here lost it, I will try to get it back to them, lord knows I have enough lures to half sink my boat.
  2. not mine, I wasn't there but I'll bet it was lost in the prop.

  3. I had not thought of that, but it certainy has a healthy set of bit marks in it about 4" apart. I figured someone on here would tell me the color and claim it. I always liked the granma shad bait around here, but never ran the jake style much, except for on pyma. They are a nice casting bait though.
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    wow..! its mine...i sent you a pm describing it.....
  5. funny.....I snagged myself one of the Rapala x-raps with the big hook and red feather tail on saturday night at Berlin...saved me $7!
  6. wow esox if its yours thats about the crazyiest thing ive ever heard of lol
  7. I'd like to hear the conclusion of this story for sure!!!!