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  1. Just looked on weather.com and they say in the ten day forecast we have 50's coming our way here in columbus. So much for any kind of extended ice fishing season. I swear just when it starts to look good. Hopefully they are way off and we will remain cold. So we can get some time on the Ice.
  2. Yeah saw that too, looks like it may be a short season.

  3. that would just suck.long enough waiting,but hopefully by monday the smaller and shallower lakes have 6-8"
  4. Was hoping to get on Tappen and Piemont by the end of the month but now don't know if that's going to happen. The weather guessers have be wrong before. We'll still get some fishing in at smaller ponds but would like to hit some big lakes. Winter isn't over yet,we didn't get on Tappen till the middle of Feb. last year and were fishing Piedmont the middle of March. I still hold out hope.
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    Remember, if you get 2 days of warmer temps, watch the lows. Once you get 6 to 8 inches of clear ice, it will stick around for a while. I've ice fished in 50 degrees and sunny before.
  6. I just looked at the ten day for NE ohio and we wont even hit the fortys.
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    The high temps forecast is a concern, however what you really need to look at it the lows for those days that have the high temps.

    If you have 7-8 hrs of 40's but still have the other 16 hrs in a 24 hr period below freezing, you make ice, not lose it.

    Warm days AND nights really hurts the ice.
  8. check out the 15 day forcast on accuweather.com, it's looking very bad. several days where it will be above freezing most the time, a couple of days with a high of 50 and even some rain to go with it. Looks like a heck of a thaw to me, but hopefully they are wrong. Maybe we will get lucky and it will freeze back up later in february.
  9. What do u know, they changed it already lol. It doesn't look so bad now.