10/5/08 Meldahl Dam Day

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    Hit the water around 9:00am and trolled in 10 feet of water from Neville to the Dam. NOTHING. Jigged the same run with two small taps. NOTHING.
    Hit the Ohio side and caught a 5-6 lb drum on a jig tipped with nightcrawler. Biggest drum I ever caught, including Lake Erie. One small, small, smallmouth.
    Has the weather screwed up the sauger bite or am I too late or too early?
    Last year this time of the year was pretty good.
  2. I/We fished Meldahl 7:30am/12Noon and then later Schmidt on Tuesday - similar results.
    Three 1/2 pound sized smallies along the Ohio shoreline at Meldahl, nothing on the Ky side - throwing twister tail grubs and crank baits.

    Put in at Schmidt at 4pm and fished until after dark, with similar results, only one smallie, one largemouth, and one white bass. I've seen the whites busting up on shad recently - but not tonight.

    Great day to be out, but a lot of hours on the water for slim pickin' results.

    I'm on the Ohio at least one day a week and I have to agree. Last year at this time was much better.

  3. We need a little rain, cloud cover and colder temperatures to stir things up. This has been a very dry Sept. and Oct.
  4. Like the rest of us , I think you're getting anxious for the fall bite... This time next month, we should be wearing them out !!:B