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10-29 fishing the LM

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Walter Adkins, Oct 29, 2004.

  1. I am going to be on the "lm" friday. Aynone want to go. Will around the Xenia.
  2. Walter, be sure to let those of us who are at work, know how you did, that is my old stomping grounds from Rt 35 up to the headwaters of the LMR. Even guided a few people in there but the quality just isnt what it used to be nor is the access as good as it used to be, Now I mostly guide smallies on the GMR and the Stillwater. 2 places , 1 up , 1 downstream from Rt 68 had me run out with shotgun pellets being shot over my head, also several "talking to's" from the sherrifs dept has kept me out of that area for some time now, I still enjoy Jacoby rd a few times a year and higher into the park but the best fishing in the park , you are not allowed to fish (no wading, or goingoff trails") Been thrown out of there as well a few times :rolleyes:

    Several smallies in the 17-18" range have been aquired in those parts so they can be had, just not easily.

    I hope you enjoy this nice warm day!!

  3. Work got busy this morning so I did not get to go. Man it looked good but got paged before putting on a lure. This is one of the drawbacks to being self employed.