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10/23-10/24 reports

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by ski, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. Went out this morning for the first hunt this year. Got into my stand at 7:05, this was after I drank a cup of colon blow coffee and had to backtrack several miles to find a suitable place to hit the john!! Maybe I was just excited! Any how, Get into my tree and start to get situated and lo and behold three doe are 25 yards out in front of me standing in the field. They knew something was up, giving the foot stomp and head bob, yet I was a stone. They poked and prodded around for 15 minutes and walked off. Other than that, didn't see any bucks. I'm hunting a scrape line in a natural creekbed funnel in delaware county. Numerous scrapes and rubs along this creek, and I checked the scrapes on my way out and they were fresh from this past night. I thought he travels this path around daylight, I may have just missed him.

    Alright, Anybody else hunt sat, sun??

  2. I went out this morning and the only things I saw was a coon and a shooting star.....Wind was all wrong for where I'm set up at so I was out of the woods at 8:30...............Rich

  3. Your right about the wind. Where i was it was coming out of the SE. Weird!!
  4. lureboy98

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    Saturday morning I saw seven deer all walking towards a field with standing corn in it. After about 9:30 I didnt see a thing the rest of the day with the wind and the rain. I had a shot on an ok six-point but it wasnt the deer I was looking for yet. I'm not ready to give up my season just yet for that to clarify lol.