10/23/08 GMR-Last day for awhile

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  1. I was hoping today would be decent with warmer air but all I could get were a few small bass(assorted LM, SM & rockies) and 2 that went about a pound. It looks like temps are gonna be too uncomfortable for me for at least awhile until I adjust so I'll be out of commision but good luck to everyone else.
  2. I walked across the Adams Street bridge today. If you are from Troy, then you know where I was going. I looked into the very clear water on the South side of the bridge and saw two very large fish. They didn't look like carp, so I'm assuming they were catfish, but the dorsal fins had some dark markings. They could have been monster saugeyes.

    Anyway, the point is that fish still exist even where the water is extremely shallow. I think I am finished for the season, as well while I introduce my son to the world of small game hunting. He just took the hunter safety course and he's pretty excited about finding some squirrells and rabbits.

    I know exactly where we will be headed for fish in the spring :)

  3. I was just told today by a bait shop owner that adams street bridge is producing big fish but figured with construction and water levels it would be a headache trying to fish it. But possibly they aren't from around there but just stopped by to hear Palin's speech.
  4. I am planning on continuing for the next week or two. Then cross fingers for an Indian summer. Adjust to temperatures? When did you move here from California? It doesn't get much better than this.:p ;)
  5. I've been here since Spring 2006. The first winter I was cold and miserable all the way through but last year I kind of adjusted a half to two thirds of the way through but was a very mild winter too compared to the previous one. You got to remember I'm not that young either and was born, raised and lived 45 years in a year round 65° or higher climate until I got here.
  6. With the everchanging reports here it seems I may have spoke too soon. Although Sunday with wind gusts up to 40 mph or so is a wash it does look like next thursday could be fishable. I hope so because I'm not ready to give up fishin' yet. Is it possible to have my bathtub stocked?
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    We got to get you adjusted, Jim... fishing is so much better in the late fall, most guys are out hunting so a lot of places are empty. I catch some really nice fish in the late fall and early winter. 40 mph wind is a good thing... just cast into the wind :) it'll put your lure or bait down around Dayton and you can cover more water. Heheh.
    Thought about having my bathtub stocked, but the wife didn't didn't go for the idea... plus didn't like the idea of a 40 inch muskie biting my toes every morning.
  8. When fishing in northern Ontario a couple decades ago, I was always met at the dock by a lady wondering if I had caught any carp. She kept her bathtub full of milk to let the fish cure until preparation. I won't go into the myriad of thoughts that have run through my mind over this experience.
  9. Knowing my luck the wind will shift and I'll be jigging in somebody's cesspool.