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Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by mrtwister_jbo, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. hunted a part of the tree farm this mornin had 2 bucks fighting in the woods b4 sunup then at 715 had a doe fly by at about mark 3 with 2 bucks right on her tail i got the xbow up an ready gave the old stop whisle an man they went from mark 3 to mark 5 lol run about 50yrds an stopped an looked my way hear some thing else coming an it this little 6pt basket rack looks at me an stops at 20yrds an beds down an watches me lol i hear the big boys over the hill fighting again i hear running but don't see anything else :(
    hunted there 3 times so far an have seen 5bucks an a lot of does 20//25
    havn't had a shot yet but theres always 2morrow
    the twister's
  2. Mr Twister,
    If you were me, and you were scoreless for the last 3 years, then you would have eaten some pan fried venison heart and a few shots of bourbon earlier this evening. You would have nailed that 6-pointer. ;)
    I just don't think I could have passed on him at 20 yards sure thing.

  3. well king if u hunted were i hunted u would of let him walk :D dude we got some hoss's here in jefferson co!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he's the 2nd small one that i let walk///won't let a freezer doe go by thats 4 sure :D
    hunted this spot 3 times(wifes aunt's xmas tree farm)seen 3 shooters an 4 or 5 small ones////3o+doe/one yotedog /one cat/3groundhogs/an a bunch of tibbar's/
    what i realy want is 4 the wife 2 stick it 2 one!!!!!!!!!she got nice 8pt last gun season her 1st.
    know were u coming from didn't get one o1//o2 dad was sick in o1 an pasted in o2 so my heart was not realy in it but last yrs i made up 4 lost time :D
    lol wife stepped in an filled my dads boots as best she could an killed a real nice buck using his gun an his cloths(coveralls/hat/gloves an luckie hand heater)an hunted from his ground blind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry i rambled on dad pasted 2 yrs ago 2day :(
    an deer season was a big part of are relationship
    alot of good times
  4. Not a ramble at have got to keep writing! such style and color! :)

    Sorry about your dad. Mine too in 02...along with his first son (my brother) in the same week just 2 days before he passed....a really bad year.

    Anyway, I have to ask. You exceeded my vocabulary. What is a yotedog? and what is a tibbar? Do we have them up here in Greene county? :rolleyes:

    I have heard that the smell of pine is in the air when cooking pine-fed deer. Do you know anything about that?

    Hope your partner helps fill the freezer! :D
  5. hey king sorry about your loss i know the feeling :(
    but a yotedog====coyote lol
    an your realy going 2 like this 1 lol tibbar''s==== rabbit's spelled backwards lol
    an as far as the pine smell don't know but hope 2 find out soon lol :D
    1st yr i hunted there been hunting same family farm in bloomingdale ohio 4 25 yrs
    but needed a change an the tree farm is only about 5miles from my house
    so i think i'll hunt the tree farm more in bow but i'll be at the farm in bloomingdale gun season at least the 1st day seen a real wall hanger there a couple weeks ago treerat hunting not many deer on the family farm but a lot cross it at least they do in gun season lol lol
    waiting 4 wife 2 get home an then we going 2 go move one of her ladderstands then hunt this evening :cool: