10/2 Great Miami Fishing Report

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by TomC, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. Went out today. Went to St Rt 571 and to Tipp Elizabeth Road and found the water levels to be way low. So i went to St rt 41 and fished the Old Railroad bridge. Caught plenly of small cats around the 10-12" range on nightcraw and minnow on bottom. One cat went between 8-10lbs got pics of it before camera went dead. Il;l see if i can figure out how to post em.

    Then started fishing a slip bobber rig w/minnow and black and white popeye jigs on ultralight. Caught one smallmouth,4-4.5lbs. Biggest I ever caught. Crappie were hitting good. They were in 4-7 feet of water. All were between 10-12 inches. Couldnt find any bluegill or rockbass. Im going back next tues with a jon boat to anchor over the area. Oh water was also alot cooler than it has been.
  2. Sounds like a GREAT day. Nice catch on the smallie :) Have you ever fished the Troy Dam? I used to all the time before I moved. Was thinking about going this weekend,do you think it would be as waste of time? Again nice fish day......Dan

  3. Ive never fished it. Ive heard about it but not sure where its at. I here they catch alot of eyes and big rockbass. How do you ge there? Im comming from fairborn
  4. Well if you fished the St Rt 41 bridge your almost there. If by boat keep going up stream about 1/4 of a mile. The last time I was there(years ago) even a small boat was to big for this part of the river just below the dam. If you want to bank fisk you'll probablly be coming in on St Rt 201 or 202(Can't remember which one it is LOL) go across the bridge into Troy and when you see the road splitting stay to your right. Take the 2nd road to your right and you should dead end into a building that used to be called Hobart Cabinet CO.(Told you I haven't been there in awhile,hope its still there) There are railroad tracks right beside the building. Go behind the building and theres the dam. I have caught some 3 to 4lb saugeye there. I'd really like to get back into river fishing. Used to have a blast. Thanks.....Dan
  5. Well if your off on tues or wed's ill go thats my days off every week.
  6. Really would like to but only have the weekends off. If you do try it there PLMK how you did and maybe I'll take a vacation day on a Tuesday or Wednesday :) Thanks for the chat and if you go GREAT luck!!......Dan