10-19 UPDATE west of Cincy

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  1. I met up with Mike & Bill around 1 p.m. yesterday. They had a hard time getting fresh shad for bait . Finally got the boat ready for the 1st drift pass at 2:30 Made two long passes no bites, and really did not mark any fish. Checked out the area and found some fish with the fish finder. This time we anchored the boat. Fished for about an hour no bites. Mike pulled the anchor and moved to one of his favorite spots. He marked fish there as usual. Finally at 6:15 Mike boated a 7.7 pound bluecat. Mike had 2 other bites, Bill & I had NONE! Headed back to the dock at 7 p.m. I just can not figure out why not much in the way of bites with the fresh bait? The sunset alone made it a great time on the river.
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    in the backs of marinas. Downtown you have what was Watertown and the water in the back of the area was boiling with shad with some large blow-ups evidence of something back in there eating them. I believe I could have loaded a net with a single cast at one point- the school was 10' across. Just a thought.


  3. My experience with the folks that run Watertown has been not good. I had treid to get shad with a casting net off their dock and they said I was fishing and had to leave. I also heard that they run any guy coming in there with a fishing boat the same way. So I just stay out that place. Right now if I really need shad I would go to Fredrick's Landing. The guys gave me the bait we did not use up so I have plenty for at least 3 trips ,since I use a little different bait on each rod until I see what they are biting on. Thanks for the info anyway.