10/16 It Was Hot Today

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by crocodile, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. I got out really early this morning. It was on fire minus the rain. Ended up only hooking up with one striper. I hooked and it ran one hundred and twenty five yards down the stream. It ended up weighing 4.11 Ibs. Here is what I ended up with one striper, three smallies, one sauger, one white bass and three drum. One of the drum weighed 1.8Ibs. I also lost a smallie that was around two pounds. It blasted the fly and I didn't even have time to set the hook. It felt like a striper run. It jumped and throw the hook. I was really disappointed. Anyways still a good day. I am going out again tommorrow. I can't wait. Ronnie
  2. sevenx

    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    Hey Ronnie,

    I have those flies ready for you. I am heading out tomorrow around 4am. Meet me at the shop if you can make it that early. S

  3. I will try to stop in the shop tommorrow or Thursday. Ronnie
  4. Crock. im so post to go with TC1 in the morning, feel like joining ? I think we are going to where ever it is yalls have been going
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    Nice job croc,what was the hot fly? See? Flyrods really can catch a lot of fish! TC1
  6. sevenx

    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    Sounds good Ronnie, Ofcourse I did not make it out because my wife had an early meeting come up, but in exchange said she would take the kids thurs and fri so if the river holds up I will be out starting at 4am if you want to meet somewhere. Same goes to you TC1. Lets get em. S