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Started Sunday by netting some chubs. Got enough for the day, but had a short shift at work from 12 to 4 so Sunday was take your bait to work day for me (admittedly not a first for me either) got outta work and hit my favorite low dam on the gmr. I tell ya, the bite karma has just not been on my side the past week or so.

Got a couple small 4" smb on minnows under a float in a small eddy while waiting on "my spot" to open up. As usual, there is an older gentleman that is there all the time who I have admittedly "stolen" a little bit of technique from. He's a keeper catcher and is always leaving with a basketful of smallies flatties and channels.

Before Sunday, his sloppy seconds have not disappointed. But even he left short handed with one smallish flat and two barely legal smb. Anyways, after getting into the spot, bite was still super slow. Got a hook into a 6" rock bass on my 6# line sun fish rig messin with some small 1" minnows. 2 minutes later I feel a little tug and set the tiny hook into an explosive force.

My float was only about 10' away from me and this aprox. 14" smb jumped seven times as I ever so nervously tried to get this chunker in on way to lightweight of a setup. Got it to the bank, lift my line and the fish out of the water about four inches to try to lip it and my line snaps.

Bye bye fishy with my hook, and got smacked by my own rod in the face. No need for the swift kick to butt for pulling such a dummy move. Did not expect a larger bass to go after such a small bait and don't think ill make that mistake again. Kind of hurt, but hey, at least my slip bobber flung off onto land saving me about 80¢. I really need a net!

Spent about 2 more hours and got just one more bite. Felt like a decent channel, but couldn't say for sure. Had good weight to it but, when I set the hook this thing jetted into the current just below the dam and unbuttoned itself. Wasn't on my line but for maybe 10 seconds.

Worked all day Monday so fast forward to today. Got outta work at 2 so high tailed it to what I'll just call an "undisclosed" location near the mad. Been wanting to try out this deep diving jointed rapala shad rap and this pond seemed perfect. Got two 11-12" lmb in the first hour. Bite seemed to shut down for the next few hours but wasn't ready to quit so made the hike to a hole on the Mad I've been spotting some beasts in.

Hit it with a pop-r which I've been doing somewhat well with the past few weeks, but only one blow up with zero contact. Switched to a 3" white curly tail seems how everyone else has been slaying with em. No nibbles though. Started monsooning on me so headed back to my ford brand tackle box somewhat frustrated. Did walk up on a couple does who didn't seem to mind my presence one bit. Hard to see but they're there.

I have to say, I see a lot of guys on here who claim they feel like quitting when they get a few "bad" fishing days. Not me though, these days make me want to fish more to grow past my own incompetence. I think everyone has days where things just seem to completely fail in all ways, one must just overcome that frustration I guess.

As poor as my catches were today, I went into the day expecting to be outright flustered, so wasn't as aggravated as expected. I practically set myself up for failure in an attempt test myself. New lure, a body of water I haven't fished in 15+ years, and oh yeah; quit cigarettes cold turkey today. NOT EASY!!! But I am fighting to stay positive. Hopefully some fall smallies will take pity on my tortured soul the next few days to ease my pain. LOL

Here's to a better bite and better health for all!

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