10/12/2008 Alum Creek I DID IT!

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Clayton, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. Clayton

    Clayton Fly guy

    I FINALLY got my first on-purpose alum creek saugeye :) dragging crawler harnesses in about 15' of water, bumped bottom a few times so i reeled up, soon as it touched the bottom again he was there. 13" beauty :)

    Dragging the same harnesses brought 3 white bass and a beautiful 14" largemouth, as well, in the same depth, but faster. The slower troll brought saugeye, faster for everything else :-D

    All morning we threw bucktails and crankbaits in the coves to zero luck, and lost a couple fish on jig+minnow combos, in essence the whole dang morning was wasted in search of crap we couldn't or didn't find.

    I'm thrilled as can be regarding finally getting a saugeye, which I have pursued for the last month or so with NO luck whatsoever. At last :)

    It'll be a while before I start a morning doing anything but trolling on Alum again.
  2. Great job on the saugeye, you never know what your next cast will land you. Do not get discouraged and keep trying. If you enjoy it. Good Luck

  3. Clayton

    Clayton Fly guy

    I adore fishing... it's just my thing, you know?

    I spend a ridiculous amount of cash on fishing, but since it's my only hobby, why not? :D
  4. Great job on the Saugeye!! Just keep on trying there will be plenty more. Stopped at Alum this evening before dark and threw a jig and twister and got 3 saugeyes 1 about 17" a 16" and a 13" they are starting to wake up over there. Keep it up.
  5. Clayton

    Clayton Fly guy

    What color twister, jig, and where fished? If you don't mind :)
  6. fishslim--were you fishing from shore or boat?
  7. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    congrats on your first(on purpose).be careful,cause they can be addicting;)
    oops,too late.looks like it didn't take much to give you the bug,LOL.and they're as much fun to eat as they are to catch:D
  8. Clayton

    Clayton Fly guy

    Dang right! It has been a bit of a mission of mine, since I kept failing to catch one when trying to :p. Kept accidentally catching muskies lol.

    But I got my saugeye now, woo! ANd this coming weekend, I'll take my boat out with a friend of mine and see if I can't scare up quite a few more. It's significant that it's my boat, becuase I'm a poor college student, and blew plenty of money on having one :p