10/03 Lmr

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  1. Second day in a row out on the yak. I ended up with six smallies and a drum. The biggest smallie was eleven and a quarter inches the rest were small. I am going to try and get out Friday Hopefully. Ronnie
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    I went to lmr 10/3 also from 7:30 to 10:30 am. I ended up with 9 smallies. biggest was 14" smallest about 8" all on white 1/8 ounce buzz. I only missed maybe 3 that hit the bait. all in all great morn. tried to throw a nightcrawler under a float for something different but had no success. to slow paced for me.

  3. what stretch of the LMR are you guys fishng? I'm near milford, and just looking for a location that I can walk/hike to with bank access to a decent location. any help appreciated