1 more cast and were done

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  1. My son and I went to the river tonight to give her a go yet again, we started fishing around 9PM, action was very slow, my son had only managed a couple average channels by about 10.30, I had only caught 1 6" gill on a jitterbug, by about 10.45 with the action very slow my son was growing wrestless, he had alot of our stuff packed and had since stopped fishing, he came over and stood by me while I was throwing the bug around in hopes of getting something other than a darn gill, 10.45 turned into 11 and I knew he was really wanting to leave so I told him one more cast and if nothing happens were outa here, so I weened that jointed jitterbug out towards this tree that overhangs the water, almost as soon as the bug lands the water EXPLODES!!!! it was like something out of Bill Dance, my pole is doubled and Im hanging on, I gain a couple feet on him..then he starts to run, I loosen my drag so he can have some line if he wants to go tire himself out before I bring him in, in the meantime I tell my son to grab the net in case we need it, Im entertaining thoughts of a big smallie when he eventually tires and I can start to bring him in towards the bank, once he gets close enough I break out my little pocket maglite and what do I find looking back up at me with 2 treble hooks buried in his jaw....about a 6lb channel cat, on one hand Im happy with my new PB channel...on the other hand Im thinking boy this will be fun getting these hooks out, seems as though he was always wanting to bite down as I was trying to get the hooks out, after a few tense minutes I get them out and he is still out there cruising the river looking for dinner...but boy that sure was fun and very ironic considering I was 1 cast away from leaving..we left anyway as I thought there is no way I can top that and after a long day at work and now this I was ready for the couch;)
  2. That is a great way to end the night!

  3. I thought so...as soon as I dropped that dood back in the water I looked over at my son(somewhat winded and haggard) and ask him now are you ready to go home????
  4. smallmouth you have more will power than I, I don't know how many times I have told myself ,one more cast.than after that one ,well 3 more,than 3 more and before I know it a hour more has expired.:)
  5. Well I knew that unless things picked up we were out of there at 11, like I said my son was pretty much ready to go at 10.30, so when I asked him what time it was and he said 11 I thought well 1 more throw here and thats it, it was so strange because dang near the minute that bug hit the water it was on, Im kinda glad in a way that I brought that thing in and it turned out to be a channel, a couple yrs back I lost something huge over there one night, never even came close to seeing it, the realistic part of me kept saying no way that was a bass...but in the back of my mind I always wondered:confused: now I can sleep a little better at night.
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    topwaterdevil SMB and Saugeyes.

    A channel cat on topwater! Who would have thought.

    Nice fish.
  7. I have hooked a couple on shallow diving Rapalas but never topwater, or confirmed that I got one on topwater.