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1 less vermen in jefferson co!!

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by mrtwister_jbo, Nov 17, 2004.

  1. ok guys been kinded of slow by the xmas tree farm alot of work being done getting ready 4 there big season :rolleyes:
    well yesterday day found out they were working on the other patch of trees 4 awhile :)
    so i sneek in an as soon as it gets light theres deer everywere but were i am lol of course !!!!
    so i settle in 4 a little sit down time an look who shows up mr wiley himself :D
    needless 2 say he bought the farm lol lol
    buddie of my skinned it out an is going 2 make a rug 4 me :D
    dropped on the spot at 17yrds

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  2. Cool Deal Twister....................Rich

  3. Great Shot.i Heard Em Howling Yesterday Down Where I Was....gonna Get Tthe Rabbit Call Out....
  4. Procraftboats21

    Procraftboats21 Original OGF Member

    thats what I like to see, they're getting out of hand
  5. Congrats!

    I hunt in Fayette County and I see them all the time. I actually killed my first by bow this Monday morning. It was a big healthy male. My shot was 15 yards, but he made it 150 yards or so. I hunted another couple hours then tracked him down. I kill all that I see, but they usually manage to stay out of bow range.